Aditi Ramchandani – A wellness speaker and life coach, Aditi empowers individuals to breakthrough their stress habits and turn them into self-care habits.

Stress has become such a NORMAL part of our every day that we don’t even recognize when it’s present until it blows up in our life. Don’t let a crisis be the reason you start to pay attention. Aditi’s work helps you recognize your own hidden stressors, develop a sustainable self-care practice, and live a life of emotional freedom.

Battling her own years of depression, burnout, and unfullfillment, led her to seek out tools to help her out of misery. It is her personal mission to equip professionals with wellness tools that were never taught in school.

If self-care is a priority for you this year and you no longer can live the way you’ve been living… book a self-care consultation with me. Let’s take a 360 look at your life, find hidden opportunities, and create a personalized self-care roadmap for you at aditicreative [dot] com/consult.

Breakout Session

Creating your Self-Care Roadmap: In this breakout session, Aditi Ramchandani will be walking you through creating your own self-care roadmap to help you kickstart your journey. Whether you are new to self-care or simply want to elevate your current practice, this session will give you new insights and allow you to uncover hidden opportunities.