Sep 28, 2024
Virtual Forums

WOWWorld of Women Forums, Conferences and Expos are a global movement celebrating the formidable strength and inventiveness of women and girls, while taking a deeper look at the obstacles that prevent them from achieving their full potential, and living their best lives. WOW raises awareness globally of the issues they face and provides solutions.

It is the most extensive, comprehensive and significant Forum, Conference or Expo dedicated to presenting work by women, and promoting equality for women and girls. Gender discrimination remains one of the most pressing issues of this generation and we believe that WOW represents a powerful tool for change, exposure, and gaining a shared understanding for how best to address this fundamental human rights issue.

WOW is for everyone(babies to teens, millennials to nonagenarians), bold and broad-based in its approach, both lively and serious, bringing together people from all corners of society(White, Black, Asian, Hispanic) – both speakers and audience members. It is planned from the ground up through a series of community planning sessions with local churches, doctors, lawyers, non-profits, businesses, and more. Talks range from STEM programs, feminism in the new millennium, laws, employment, retirement, plus a whole range of conversations of local, national and international concern, on subjects from the role of men in achieving gender equality, sports, sex, economics, politics, the arts, health, pop culture, education and everything in between.

WOW reaches girls and women from completely different social backgrounds and provides a sense of action and energy more closely related to the attendees than what may be expected during a normal conference style approach. A place where hundreds of women’s stories can be shared, feelings vented, minds influenced, and an extreme amount of fun to be had.